Consider a message matrix as part of your content assessment

Key message dilution is a big risk when you have too much content spread across too many platforms.

It’s not rocket science –  the more content you have out there, there more you need to ensure that it’s all hitting the right mark.

A simple way to gain a ‘snapshot’ of how well your content is supporting your key messages it to develop a message matrix.

What’s a message matrix?

A message matrix is a basic chart (like the one below) that lists your key messages for each target audience down the side, and each online content asset you have across the top.

You then identify if your message is reflected in the content asset or not.

Example of a message matrix

When there are gaps in your content

It’s pretty obvious where you have gaps in your content when you can see a whole heap of ‘nos’ in your matrix.

Sometimes this is OK. Maybe your target audience is being hit with that message through a different channel like direct mail.

But most of the time it will show that you need to create content that delivers that key message to the audience.

When there are a LOT of gaps in your content

Take a really good look at why you have so much content that isn’t supporting your key messages. Have you been carried away generating content at a whim? Or, do you have a lot of old or out-of-date content that simply doesn’t match your business anymore. In either case – it’s time to cull. Delete it. Get it out of the way.

What do you do to keep your content focused on your key message?

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